Happy Saturday

Welcome to the new blog. I’m going to skip all the normal introduction stuff, that’s what the about page is for. Actually I guess  it’s the “Who?” page. And if you want to, you can always reference the old blog. Anyways.

I’ve just spent the whole week pretty much AWOL from home, so today I have a longish to-do list. Mow the lawn, wash windows, clean my room because I have basically been coming home, dumping stuff, and crashing. I’ve got a flat of annuals outside that need to be planted, and I’m doing hanging baskets because I hate weeding flowerbeds. They were supposed to be done last week, but I didn’t have enough potting soil. I hope to get some crafting in today as well – I ned to make a card for Mom and wrap up her gift. And yesterday I picked up six of the world’s ugliest coasters at a yard sale, as well as some vintage metal embroidery hoops. The coasters are being upcycled into mini wall art, two sets, and I’m thinking about putting some vintage fabric in the hoops. I’m not sure if I have any in my stash at the moment, so if not, they can wait. Eventually they’ll end up on my Etsy shop (that has zero listings at the moment). I have some photos to edit from a shoot I did this week, and I’m really hoping to find time to make these Earl Grey cupcakes.

So I should get moving. My coffee cup is empty, and I’m fully awake. Let’s go!


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  1. You’ve got me curious with those coasters – can’t wait to see what you do!

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