It’s really about the cupcakes.

Ok, so first of all I am happy to report that I got almost everything done on my to-do list. Windows are washed, lawn is mowed, card is made, gift is wrapped, coasters are primed, fabric stash has been looked through and I came up empty handed. My room is not cleaned and the hanging baskets are not planted because… well, they’re just not.

But this post is really about the cupcakes.

You have to understand, I rarely bake. Sure, I can open a box, add some oil and a few eggs, and have a decent cake. But that is not baking.  I much prefer cooking because it’s so much more forgiving. I make lots of mistakes, and with baking, you just can’t make mistakes and still have the end result turn out ok. But when I saw that recipe for the Earl Grey cupcakes, I let my great love for the tea over-ride my common sense and better judgment. Well, what little of it I have left.

So this afternoon I pulled out all the needed supplies and measured, mixed, and dumped with a “can-do” attitude. The batter smelled wonderful, and the frosting was really yummy. I filled the muffin tin, slid it into the oven, set the timer, and went on to prime those coasters while they were baking.

The next time I looked in the oven, I saw this:

Yeah, beautiful. Obviously, my interpretation of 2/3 full does not jive with what the recipe creator had in mind. Ahem.

This would be really disappointing to me if I 1) wasn’t halfways expecting it to happen, and 2) didn’t just have the following conversation with a friend on IM. She had sent me this link to a recipe for Maple French Toast and Bacon Cupcakes. I made the following brilliant remark regarding the cupcakes:

Me: Interesting.
Her:  unusual.
Me: yeah
Her: certainly.

(Yes, we often have similar intellectually stimulating conversations.)

me: But they are perfectly shaped. They look quite nice
her: The cupcakes are a perfect shape?
me: Yeah. Better than mine turn out. Perfectly puffed.
her: I see. *thinks why Linz’s might not turn out right…*  *and giggles*
me: ha. ha. ha.
her: well, considering everything that just might happen in The Life of Linz…

(Yes, that is where this blog’s title came from. Thank you, dear.)

So, I’m holding to the excuse that I was jinxed.

The sorry things are all in crumbles… but thankfully my family likes to eat cake crumbled in a bowl with milk anyway. I was hoping to be able to salvage them, but they were sticking terribly to the muffin tin.

But they still tasted soooo good. If anyone out there is a better baker than I, you really should try them. Me? I’m going to stick to simply drinking my beloved Earl Grey and leave the cupcake baking to someone else.



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3 responses to “It’s really about the cupcakes.

  1. Spiffy new blog! I feel *so* honored (and humble, very humble) to have helped with The Great Inspiration of your blog title.
    You helped me come up with my Etsy shop name so we’re
    even. :mrgreen:

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