This post needs a title so it doesn’t show up as a number on the sidebar.

I am not even going to try to come up with an excuse for not blogging… come to think of it, why should I feel I have to? It’s not like blogging is my career or like I’m a professional blogger, so I’m not committed to posting on a regular basis, right? Of course right.

So, we got the house all painted and put back together… we took a long weekend in June to go to New York to visit family… we had a wonderful week of revival services the beginning of July… we went to visit our friends in North Carolina… my sister celebrated her 13th birthday last Friday… those are pretty much the highlights of my life these past months.

Aaaand… I am too tired to upload the pictures here so you can just go here to see pictures from NY and here for some other ones.

Ok, there should be a law against making a blog post when you are super tired, shouldn’t there?

Goodnight peoples.


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