In The Kitchen

My sister and I often joke about me having a show on Food Network someday – it would be called “In the Kitchen with Linz – The Disaster Chronicles.” This stems from many, well, disasters that have happened while I was in the kitchen, and particularly baking… for example, remember the cupcakes?

But I’m happy to report to you that my baking is getting better. As in “hey this is actually fun, I really enjoy it now” better.

I think it was inspired by the book my aunt got me for Christmas. Or maybe it was because of Hannah because I really am inspired by her. In any case… baking has now become a part of the life of Linz. And while this little corner of the internets will still be a random hodge-podge of things, (like, uh, my life) it’ll now feature some recipes and goodies. And probably some more disasters.



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2 responses to “In The Kitchen

  1. Kristen

    “Remember the Cupcakes.” Heh hehe. :mrgreen:

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