The telephone and me.

“I’d rather sit down and write a letter than call someone up. I hate the telephone.”-Henry Miller

I have a strong aversion to talking on the telephone.When the phone rings, I ignore it until I’m certain no one else is going to answer. Even then, I’ve been known to take my time getting to the phone so the voicemail will pick up instead

Talk to me in person or on IM and I’ll chat at you until you really wish I’d stop. But call me on the phone and it’s like pulling teeth to get me to contribute more than “mhmm… really?.. yes…right…no…okay.” I can seriously count on one hand the number of people I feel absolutely comfortable with talking to on the phone, and only one of those people is not related to me.

Even worse than personal calls are business calls. A friend of mine is getting married in May, and her fiance lives in IL, so she’ll be moving out there after the wedding. Currently she’s working at a daycare center, and when she leaves (not that I want her to leave 😦 ) the position will be open. And since I could use a job, I’m applying.

I had a few questions concerning all the paperwork I needed to fill out – child abuse clearance, background check, reference letters, etc. I had the phone numbers of the person I needed to contact. But I put off calling for like, two weeks. It got to the point where Dad was asking me every day if I’d called yet, and then finally I was told in no uncertain terms that I needed to “call TOMORROW!”

So the day before yesterday, I gathered up every ounce of courage I had, planned out what I was going to say if the lady answered, and what I would say if I got voicemail, and dialed the number. Voicemail picks up “Hey, this is Christine, leave a message and I’ll get back to you.” I shut the cell phone. The lady I was supposed to talk to wasn’t named Christine. It was Andrea. I checked the number again – I’d gotten two digits switched. So I dialed the  correct number. *Ring ring* Voicemail – “Hey, leave me a message after the beep!” Since the message didn’t include her name, I hoped I had the right person, took a deep breath, and explained who I was and why I was calling. Left my number. Hung up.

At dinner, Dad asked me if I made the call that day. I told him yes, but that I had to leave a message. No sooner had I finished telling him that, the phone rang. I got a sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach. I knew it was going to be Andrea. Sure enough, my sister hands the phone to me.

“Hello, this is Andrea. You said you had some questions about the job at the daycare center?”

“Yes, I…” and everything I’d planned on saying flew out of my mind. And I felt like an idiot. I started the same sentence at least 15 different times.

“I was wondering… Did you… Do you still… Is the position… Have you filled…” *deep breath* “Do… have… did… I can’t talk tonight!” *another deep breath* “Is the position still open?”

“Yes, it is.”

And after that, I was perfectly fine, but mostly because she did most of the talking. She seemed very nice and I’m sure she’s going to be a great person to work with. 😀

Seriously though, this is one thing that I need to get over, and I certainly hope this is the time when her first impression of me isn’t the most lasting. 😛

And Christine? If your reading this, sorry about hanging up on your voicemail. At least now you know where that missed call came from.



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3 responses to “The telephone and me.

  1. Deanna Clopper

    Don’t worry dear.. you’ll love Andrea:-) She’s a blast to talk to and so very nice. Hope you get the job!

  2. Larissa

    I used to be the same way, then I got a job that involved a LOT of talking on the phone (answering customer calls, and ringing other stores to try and find products), so I got over it VERY quickly! 😛

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