(sometimes i pronounce it that way just to be silly)

there are a lot of cool people out there who type their blog posts in exclusively lower case letters. i think it’s neat so for this post, lower case it is.

most of you know, or have figured out by now, that i am pretty interested in photography. this is sort of a mish-mash on the thoughts in my head concerning the subject.


at the beginning of this year, i decided to start doing project 365, at least for one year. 126 days in, and i can definitely say it’s become a habit. when i started, my main goals were to improve my photography, and to capture little moments of my life that i would probably forget otherwise. so far, i’d say i’m making good progress on each of them. some days i fall short of both goals, and usually simultaneously – those days were i’m busy and i don’t really think about the photo i need to take, so i wind up getting a quick snapshot just for the sake of taking a picture that day. sundays, especially, are days i find that happening because that day is usually pretty full.


in a little over a week, i’m shooting my friend’s wedding. i’m getting more and more nervous about it as the day comes closer. the main thought in the back of my mind is ‘what if i miss a really really important shot?!?’ eek.

i had hoped to have a backup camera, but that’s not going to happen now – well i’ll still have a (very competent) assistant but i don’t have access to the equipment i’d like to have,  so i’m going to have to plan it so i’m not relying on a point-and-shoot for the important shots. i’ve spent a lot of time researching wedding photography, browsing other photographer’s websites to study technique, taken test shots at the church, compiled a shot list, and gathered some fun props. i bought two extra batteries and an extra 4gb sd card. i have two great lenses, one being the wonderful 50mm f1.8. the only thing i am really worried about is being able to be two different places almost at once!


i’ve done a few portrait sessions this year already – three sessions with littles and a family session. they were all so much fun! i love capturing individual personalities through portraits, as well as the dynamic between families.

while i’m thinking of it – to the parents/guardians/caretakers of children who are taking them to get their portraits done – as tempting as it may be, don’t tell the child to smile! if you think about it, what do you get when a kid, especially in the 3-5 age range, smiles on command? that’s right, usually it’s pretty cheesy. while a few shots of the kid hamming it up for the camera are fun, we don’t want every shot that way! the photographer will usually have a few tricks up his/her sleeve to have your child smiling naturally and have their fun unique personality shine through. 😀


this is “polaroid week” (or ‘roid week as it’s often shortened to) on flickr. i don’t have a polaroid, and i didn’t think to ask if i could borrow my friends, but with the help of pola : ) i’ve been faking it. i do love the look though!


recently i’ve been really inspired by the work of various film photographers. (whose blogs i haunt and whose links i’m working on adding to the blogroll page i’m compiling)  and, being in the posession of two medium-format film cameras, a kodak tourist with the kodet lens and a kodak duaflex, i’m going to be on the hunt for some 620 film. i plan on looking at some local camera shops tomorrow, and if i can’t find it there, i’ll probably find some on ebay. luckily, developing it shouldn’t be a problem because i hear that though it’s not advertised or generally known, wal*mart’s send-away developing service (fuji) will develop 120 and 620, as long as you specify in the comments on the envelope.


last but not least, i want to work on revamping my etsy shop. you’ll see that i don’t have anything listed at the moment, and that’s where you come in – i’d love for you to take a look at my flickr and give me some suggestions as to what to list!

i think that’s it for now – happy dreams!



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3 responses to “pho-to-graph-y

  1. Nicole

    First off, some example pics so we have an idea what the design of the cards will be?

    • Lindsey

      Hmm? Actually I was thinking of selling prints to frame and hang up… anything on my flickr photostream (with the exception of people) is fair game.

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