a list of fourteen things

Randomities about my sister, in honour of her 14th birthday.

  • She’s a country girl through and through.
  • Now that she’s 14, and I’m 21, our ages are once again both multiples of seven. I find this rather cool.
  • She’s changing from little sister to young lady right before my eyes.
  • This makes me feel sort of old.
  • She has been journeying into the world of crochet and blogging about it.
  • Her favourite way to spend a free hour is reading on the front porch swing.
  • This reminds so much of myself at 14.
  • Yet she’s very much different from me.
  • She teaches me a lot about responding to hard situations with grace and maturity.
  • She loves photography as much as I do.
  • She’s one of my best friends.
  • She’s Wednesday’s Child, but  full of grace.
  • I love her a lot.
  • She deserves to have the best birthday ever.

image credit: d. sharon pruitt.


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One response to “a list of fourteen things

  1. Great list!
    And you are NOT old 😉
    but I do understand that feeling-it’s like wait, if she’s that old…what am I??
    Thanks for visiting my blog. xo, abby

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