this week

– i’m working. the kids make me laugh & i can’t wait until school starts up again and i get to go in every day. (i’m “on call” during the summer.)

– vbs at church. small crowd, but good kids and they’re learning some important stuff.

– new piano student. she picked up on it really fast & i have the feeling she’s going to be a good student.

– haircut! more layers. love.

– garden harvest time for peppers, tomatoes, squash… so nice to have fresh produce from your own backyard.

– i discovered edy’s fruit bars are the perfect treat for a hot summer afternoon.

– i’m going to the tractor show/antique engine show/flea market this weekend.

– my desk is covered with markers and pieces of paper with random doodles. creative messes are always the best.

– a little bit of anticipation for autumn is creeping in. by the time it arrives, i’ll be welcoming it with open arms.

what’s your week looking like?


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One response to “this week

  1. Deanna

    I didn’t know you got your hair cut! I’ll have to pay more attention tonigt 🙂
    ~Nina 🙂

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