Rêve de Paris

I’ve been reading The Phantom of the Opera and I do believe it has me dreaming of Paris… it’s such a lovely city.

It has the beautiful, timeless, Eiffel Tower

Grand opera houses

Charming cafés…



pretty streets…

Yes, I think the only thing missing is me.

Image credits: 1 & 2 Parisinspringtime 3 Paris Night Life

4 Martin Fisch 5 luxe + lillies 6 Pia 7 Parisinspringtime

8 AmercIn Paris



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3 responses to “Rêve de Paris

  1. :: Kristine ::

    J’ai juste pour poster un commentaire en français. :mrgreen:

    Paris does look beautiful… :sigh:

  2. Nicole

    You are sooo weird. 🙂

  3. hi lindsey!
    just had to say.. thank you so much for the terribly kind words today. i am so grateful for your excitement and support. (now i totally get how important this is when you are putting yourself out there with a product.) you’re the best!

    truly, summer

    ps. the book is one that i picked up while thrifting- it’s so cute! it’s called “The Five Little Martins.”

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