stream of conciousness

{in which I write whatever comes to mind.}

So I’ve been informed that it’s high time to update here – people are tired of looking at photos of Paris. I don’t blame them. Also, apparently I write much more inspirational things than I talk about in real life, though I never would have called my ramblings here exactly inspirational.

Last night a bunch of us decided to make a Rita’s run after church. It was one of the best nights ever. Really, isn’t it always so much fun to just get together with friends, spur-of-the-moment, and enjoy talking and laughing and a sweet treat? It was the perfect way to end the summer, and getting a Pumpkin Pie cream ice was also the perfect way for me to welcome Autumn.

Speaking of pumpkin, I’m rather funny about it. In fact, last night I tasted a little of Nichole’s before I ordered and declared it disgusting. Five minutes later, I decided I wanted one. I think my aversion to pumpkin pie carries over mentally to all other things that are pumpkin-flavored, with the exception of pumpkin spice coffee. Once I remind myself that the reason I don’t like the pie is because of the texture rather than the taste, I’m good to go. Weird. That’s me.

I really love my job. Kids are just so fun to be around! From our kindergartner all the way to our 7th grader, each child has a special place in my heart already. Of course, it helps that I’ve been told by two of them that I’m their favorite “teacher.” It’s not hard to get kids to like you – all you have to do is just take an interest in their lives, be willing to help them out, stuff like that. We’ve got a pretty well-behaved group and that’s great, too. Having nice workmates is another plus. Yeah, we have some pretty fun times – it doesn’t even feel like work. 🙂

Our garden has been kind of weird this year – instead of getting a big harvest all at once, we get things that are ready in smaller batches. On one hand it’s nice not to be overwhelmed with too much, but on the other it’s not so great for canning – instead of taking one day and doing a bunch of tomatoes, we (or I should say Mom and Ada – I didn’t help out much this year because of working) have had to do only one or two canner-fulls a day. So far we’ve done sauce, diced/stewed/chopped tomatoes, salsa, and soup. I love the thought of having a shelf full of these things that we’ve grown and made and preserved ourselves, rather than buying it at the store. It’s very rewarding. And healthier too – organic produce, way less sodium, and no icky preservatives.

My project assignment this week from Dad has been to do some research on fruit trees. We have a space that we’ve long been planning on turning into a little orchard – this is  the year that we’ve decided we’re finally going to make it happen. Too bad we didn’t do it four years ago when we first talked about it – we’d have had fruit this year if we had. Ah well. If anyone out there has any knowledge about fruit-growing, do please share!

Well, I want to make these scones that Mia has on her charming blog, so I need to get at that so they’ll be done before I head back in to work.

And because I can’t do pictureless anymore, though I used to be able to do long posts with only words, (why did no one tell me how *boring* that was?) here’s a parting shot featuring my handsome kitty Whisper because I like to show him off. 🙂



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2 responses to “stream of conciousness

  1. Desirae Clopper

    Hay Linz!
    Thanks so much for updating! Last night was so great! I love doing things on the spur of the moment with friends! It’s been awhile since we’ve done it, and the treat was excellent! Now I’m ready for Fall! 😉

    Have fun with your kiddos! They sure keep our lives interesting, don’t they? 🙂

    Love your Friend,
    DZ ( Desirae)
    Job 23:10

  2. Nicole

    Nice of you to mention me on your illustrious blog. 🙂

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