Five Senses Friday

Abby does this and I think it’s a neat little re-cap of the week. I’ve been meaning to do my own post for awhile now but this is the first Friday I actually remembered.


The quintessential flavors of fall, like pumpkin, apple crisp, and oatmeal.


Coffee brewing in the morning. And sometimes espresso in the afternoon too.


Yarn slipping through my fingers and a metal hook in my right hand as I once again attempt to crochet. Happiness at actually making nice progress.


Rustling – the leaves underfoot & the wind blowing through the dried corn stalks still standing in the field.


The last rose of summer, blooming alone.

Have a marvelous weekend!


p.s. Had to share this “awww” moment of the day at work – hearing a seven-year-old voice say “I have to go talk to Miss Lindsey,” here comes Zach. “Miss Lindsey?” “Mr. Zachary?” “Hi. *hug & runs off to play*”



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4 responses to “Five Senses Friday

  1. Kristen

    Lovely post, my dear! Your moment at work… just adorable. Lovable Miss Lindsey you are. 🙂

  2. Hmm, I knew you had a blog but kinda lost it. But now I’ve found it again, yay!! 🙂

    I like the smelling sense!! 😉

  3. Desirae Clopper

    Beautiful pictures, Linz! You do such a great job catching the beauty of God’s Creation!
    Kid’s are great that way… you never know sometimes that you’ve made a difference in their life until they , out of the blue, come give you a hug or kiss! 🙂

    Friends Forever,

  4. Nina

    Loved this post… and the aww moment 🙂 Children are definitely a blessing from God! Love ya,

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