Five Senses Friday – Tasting Edition

In other words, a recipe of sorts.

Tonight’s dinner was homemade pizza – popular Friday night fare around here. I felt like doing something different from the ordinary sauce, cheese, and toppings, possibly inspired by flipping through a copy of Bon Appetite this afternoon.

Basics first – the crust. Our go-to pizza crust recipe comes from Taste of Home. We like our crust thin and crispy, so we always manage to get at least three pizza’s from the dough – two large and one medium. You can find the recipe here. Of course, if you already have a favorite pizza crust recipe, this is a good time to make it. Remember, the crust is an important component of a pizza – sub-par crust can totally change the flavor.

Next I went out to the herb garden and got a large handful of fresh basil… pesto time! I didn’t have pine nuts so I used an unsalted roasted nut mix and it turned out just fine, I think. Throw in some salt, pepper, a chopped garlic clove, some Parmesan cheese. Add in some olive oil a little at a time while you’re chopping the herbs, either in a food processor or a with mortar and pestle if you want to be really authentic. You want the texture to be coarse, creamy, but not pureed. Of course you could always use the jarred stuff, but it’s not as fresh.

Some more prep work was in order – shredding cheese, caramelizing onions, roasting red peppers, and slicing tomatoes. After baking the crust the first 15 minutes as the recipe directs, I spread the pesto over it, laid the tomato slices out over that, sprinkled cheese over that, and topped with the peppers and onions. Back in the oven to bake for 15 more minutes – a long wait when it smells so good. 🙂

It was definitely the perfect “something different” that I was looking for and I’m sure I’ll be making it again. If you try it, let me know how you like it!


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