ten things

{a list of stuff that’s caught my eye, tickled my fancy, or made me happy in recent weeks}


1. Crisp mornings that gradually turn into warm days.


2. This (re-discovered) collection of Depression-era colour photo slides. This one especially because the girl looking at the globe could be my sister’s twin.

3. New projects that turn out as they’re supposed to.



4. These bouquets made from vintage brooches that I’ve been seeing everywhere. I found the one pictured here.

5. Passing my driver’s exam.

6. This print.

7. This new idea to tame my mane.

8. Speaking of hair – making and wearing these pretty flowers.

9. Pumpkin Spice cappuccinos, Orange-Peach tea, and hot chocolate.

10.  Spending time with friends – chatting, taking a walk, eating pizza and ice cream, taking lots of photos (some very silly), and laughing a bunch.





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2 responses to “ten things

  1. Nina

    Great Post Linny 🙂 Love the pictures… especially the last one 😉
    Love ya,

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