The year is going, let him go…


Goodbye, 2010. You’ve been a whirlwind year, full of changes, good and bad and in between. With every change it’s up to me whether I want to stand with my feet stubbornly planted on the ground, or trust God to lead, teach, and draw me closer to Him? Honestly, I find myself doing some of both, though it always comes out better when I just follow.

Let’s do a quick recap of highlights and lowlights of twenty-ten, shall we?

-Highlight: Bringing 2010 in with a bang. We even briefly discussed making a spur of the moment trip to NYC to watch the ball drop – knowing the whole time that no one was really serious about it. In the end we stayed in, played games, watched movies, and had fun.

-Highlight: Traditional New Year’s Day dinner with the C’s.

-Lowlight: Winter colds and allergies and sickness.

-Hightlight/Lowlight: Lots and lots and lots of snow.

-Highlight: Starting Bible classes & learning lots.

-Highlight: Surprising Kristy on her 18th birthday by arriving on her doorstep in NC.

-Highlight: My 21st birthday.

-Highlight: Birthday celebration afternoon with three of my fellow Marchians, plus other people I love.

-Highlight: Jason and Shanna’s wedding.

-Highlight: Seeing the first bright blooms, feeling the warmth, and being able to go barefoot again.

-Highlight: Mastering baking, or at least coming a long way towards it.  Only one or two flops this year. Not saying the rest of the attempts were stellar, but they still weren’t bad enough to be flops.

-Highlight: Cute new stuff at bargain prices.

-Highlight: Phil and Danelle’s wedding.

-Lowlight: Ryan’s accident.

-Highlight: Ryan’s recovery.

-Highlight: Michael and Melissa’s wedding.

-Highlight: Finding and starting and loving my job.

-Highlight: Learning new skills.

-Highlight: Discovering the value of afternoon naps.

-Lowlight: Still having a hard time with follow-through when it comes to random projects I start that I don’t really have a pressing need to finish.

-Lowlight: ‘Roid week being an epic fail. I clearly have lots to learn about instant film.

-Highlight: A wonderful, unhurried Thanksgiving with time to think about being grateful.

-Highlight: Keeping things simple when it came to Christmas and not feeling stressed out.

-Highlight: Celebrating my best friend’s 20th yesterday. Being with friends is always a great way to end the year.

-Highlight. Finishing Project 365. It’s awesome to have a whole year of my life documented in pictures.

So bring it on, 2011! I’m looking forward to the new and exciting adventure that awaits me.

P.S. In case you were wondering if I’m planning on doing Round II of Project 365, the short answer is “no.” Instead I’m starting my own little project called “The Odd Shot.” The concept is simple – instead of every single day, I’m going for days with odd dates – the 1st, 3rd, 5th, and so on. I found that as my life gets increasingly busy, the quality of my shots goes downhill simply due to the lack of spare time. I felt forced to take a photo just for the sake of doing the project and that’s not always good. So hopefully the every-other-day approach will give me time to make the most of the project, and still be frequent enough to keep me motivated. I gave the weekly photo idea some consideration, but after a year of doing it every day, a week in between just seems too drawn out.


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One response to “The year is going, let him go…

  1. So glad our wedding was a highlight! It was for me too!! 😉

    Hope you have a fantastic 2011!!

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