happy friday!

By rights, any of the words coming out of the ends of my fingers should be finding their way into the Word document that’s safely   keeping (as safe as a digital file can be) my half-finished essay that’s due in a bit less than a week for one of my Bible classes, instead of here.



Freshly washed and line dried bedding. No matter how hard the fragrance companies try, their version of “Fresh Linen” candles and room sprays can’t hold a candle to the real thing.


Green, green and more green – grass, trees budding out, tulip plants poking their way out of the ground… green growing things.



Itzhak Perlman playing Dance of The Goblins. I’ve seen/heard it before, but the it just gets more amazing every time I watch/listen to the clip.


Cream of Mushroom soup, made on a whim for lunch one day after looking through the Culinary Institute of America’s “Gourmet Meals in Minutes” cookbook. The inclusion of nutmeg sprinkled on top was something I wouldn’t have ever thought of, but it was really good.



Raindrops falling down on me in large quantities. Silly broken umbrella.




Have a s’marvelous weekend!


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