I’ve been


– giving this space a Spring update. Elements in the header are from pugly pixel and fonts from FontSquirrel – more details in the footer

– getting used to FireFox 4. Not sure I like the location of the stop/refresh button, so glad I’m already in the habit of using F5

– enjoying fresh spinach and scallions from the garden

– looking forward to strawberries from our little patch

– just generally delighting in the spring-ness around me

– (except for the battling allergies part)


– missing my grandmother, disbelieving it’s been 6 years already

– thankful my grandfather came through his bypass surgery amazingly well

– busy in the kitchen, of course. Herb-breaded chicken with Dijon mustard sauce, a lentil and pearled barley side dish, a white pizza with chicken and spinach…

– thrift shopping and lunching with Andrea & Danielle. Fabric shopping, too – coordinating outfits are in our future

– keeping an eye on the progress Mom and Dad are making as they build a chicken coop

– looking forward to extra-fresh eggs

– thankful that I was able to recover the photos that mysteriously went missing from my SD card

– taking some time to do some pleasure reading

– watching Chitty Chitty Bang Bang with my sister, just because. By the way, the car used in the film will be up for auction on the 14th, if you desire to buy with that extra two million you have lying around

– praying for everyone who was affected by the tornadoes this past week

– enjoying some of the Organic Espresso Dark Chocolate given to me this morning. Thanks, Nichole!

-looking forward to the days ahead!






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2 responses to “I’ve been

  1. Nina

    Nice post Linny! Love the new look šŸ™‚

  2. Kristen

    I miss you.

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