I have three unrelated things to talk about – ice cream, last days, and chickens.


:: The Ice Cream Story

So, last Sunday the C’s invited us and the G’s over for the afternoon, with the plan to make and enjoy some homemade vanilla ice cream with some delicious topping choices like strawberries, blueberries, and brownie crumbles. We hit a snag when we couldn’t find all the parts to one of the freezers – we had the inside tub, bucket, and top but not the dasher because it apparently broke last time it was used, so we tried our best to fit pieces from a few different freezers (the C’s have 3 or 4) to make one working whole that would hold all 6  quarts of mix. After finally cajoling the motor into turning the tub, we thought we had everything worked out – only to check it later and find that it wasn’t turning correctly, resulting in a frozen outer edge and a soupy middle. By this time, it was time to head to choir practice and evening services, so we decided that the G’s would run to our house to pick up out hand-crank churn and we’d try again after church.

In 2 1/2 hours, give or take, we were back at the C’s for round two of ice cream making – and ran into more trouble. The G’s had brought our 6 qt White Mountain freezer bucket, but accidentally grabbed the 4 qt inside tub. And we needed more ice. By this time we were starting to think that perhaps we weren’t supposed to have ice cream that day… but ice was gotten (by way of busting up a frozen gallon jug of water found after a run to Sheetz proved to be futile because they were sold out) and a Frisbee and a plastic lid stacked under the inside bucket provided just the right amount of height to connect everything together, and after twenty minutes of vigorous churning, the ice cream was (mostly) frozen and we all enjoyed it immensely. Personally I found the whole situation quite hilarious – I think everything that could have gone wrong did, and it was better to laugh than get frustrated, so I laughed.

At least last night’s making of strawberry ice cream after dinner went off without a hitch. 😀

:: Last Day


Friday was the last day of school, and so it was also my last day of work until September. It was terribly sad to leave the children – especially those 5th graders who won’t be coming back next year – and my workmates – I’ve grown to really love those kids, and the girls I work with have become good friends. I hope to be able to get together with some of them over the summer – baseball games, recitals, et cetera. Thankfully there is plenty to do here at home to keep me busy… I have a feeling the summer is going to fly by.

:: Chickens


Last Saturday, Dad went to pick up eight Rhode Island Red hens – yay for fresh eggs rich in omega-3 and all that good stuff! Not all eight of them are laying yet, as they are still pretty young, and the eggs are small right now, but that’s to be expected. Each of us got to “pick out” two hens to name. Dad named his “Brownie” and “Reddie” (so creative), Mom’s are Henna and Sienna, Ada’s are Jenny Wren and Doodle, and mine are Luna and Solis. Solis is lighter than all the rest, and Luna is the darkest one, hence their names. (Luna = moon and Solis = sun in Latin) Luna seems to be the worst-behaved, most backwards and obstinate hen of the bunch. While the rest fly up to the roost each night like they are supposed to (though Dad had to set them up there the first few nights), she insists on roosting in one of the nesting boxes or on top of the feeder. She stays outside when she’s supposed to come in, stays inside when she’s supposed to go out. She stands on top of the others’ backs.  They say chickens all have distinct personalities – and Luna certainly does – a feisty one. 😛 Doesn’t she look like she’s hatching an evil plan?


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