around here

IMG_4593  IMG_5343:: campfires complete with s’mores, hot dogs, and homemade ice cream

IMG_5245:: swimming

IMG_5175  IMG_5487:: baking some yummy treats

IMG_5584 :: harvesting and preserving produce from the garden :: making plenty of sun tea. a blend of green & mint is our fave, no need to sweeten


:: watermelon & cantaloupe, of course. standard summer fare

IMG_5533 :: the grill is getting plenty of use

IMG_5770IMG_5986 :: keeping an eye on the ever-changing, always beautiful sky

IMG_5801  IMG_5814:: loving the summer evening light, and capturing as much of it as possible


:: excitedly keeping watch over my heirloom tomatoes, who have their own special place by the back steps so they have less of a chance of getting infected with blight, etc. can’t wait until these baby tomatoes grow and ripen!


    :: having some fun playing with shaped bokeh

Ada (8 of 20)                              Ada (11 of 20)Ada (18 of 20) 

:: celebrating her 15 birthday


:: rejoicing over the rain we received yesterday. it made for an interesting foggy blue hue at twilight

100_4488:: preparing for the newest arrivals here at Mulberry Lane Farm – Alpine dairy goats. More on this later. The two we’ll be getting are older than these cute kids though.


:: just generally enjoying summer and living life.



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3 responses to “around here

  1. Desirae Clopper

    I love the farm name! Didn’t know you had an official name, but it’s fitting! You guys do have the mulberry trees, maybe even more than we do!

  2. Amy

    Lovely blog…you are a talented photographer!

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